The Genius of High Quality Stores

I have a theory, peoples. Why are high quality stores so great? Is it because they use better material or know how to fit odd shapes or have really helpful store clerks who tell you you look fabulous even if the skirt makes you look fat?

Nope. (Well, the store clerks might have something to do with it.)

What makes them brilliant is how they size things. After spending hours trudging through the mall, going into department stores with racks and racks of dresses and coming up with nothing, you finally give in and go to that high end, expensive store. According to Wal Mart sizing you are a Large. Most of the department stores up till this point have labeled you at least a 6 with wary glances at those hips. And then! Oh so beautiful, you enter that nice, polished store. You browse the sales rack. Miss Bubbly Employee comes over and whisks you away to a dressing room. Suddenly there are skirts and dresses and sweaters and belts and necklaces and even shoes appearing from nowhere to complete looks you hadn’t even considered before.

And they are all Extra Smalls and Size Zeroes.

Suddenly that price tag seems totally worth it. Who doesn’t want to feel fabulous and what makes you feel more fabulous than a tiny dress size?

Nothing, that’s what.

It also gives you a certain mindset. Next time you have to go to a formal event, you skip over those cocktail dresses that can pass at prom in the big department stores and go straight to the nice, inviting world where you are a Size 0 and there is a belt for just $45 that exactly matches.

Capitalism, people. It’s brilliant.


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