How Time Passes Between Blog Posts


My cursor bobs up and down and I stare at it, trying to think of something intelligent to say. I always have something to say. Surely I can find something to write about!

Passions. I will write about my passions.

I begin to type in the title. Why I Love Korean Dramas.


No, no, no. Backspace, backspace, backspace.

Why I Love Korean Dram

Why I Love Korean Dra

Why I Love Korean Dr

Why I Love Korean D

Why I Love Korean Pop Culture.

Better, much more professional sounding. Now, to somehow enlighten my readers and somehow convey deep intelligence on the subject without coming across crazy.

No, no, no, no. I’m going to come across sounding crazy. Better not write about Korean pop culture yet. Better not write about pop culture at all unless it is something profound.

Why I Love Korean…

Why I Love…

Why I…


The cursor bops up and down again. I’m back to square one.

Well, I like reading! How about covering one of my favorite authors?

Blog title: Georgette Heyer

So far so good. Now to write something deep.

I first started reading…

No, no, no. Much too boring. How about….

Georgette Heyer is my guilty reading pleasure.

Oh gosh. I’m going to have to admit I like reading her novels and they are romances! Clean romances, though. Nope, can’t do it. So judging myself right now.

Why am I judging myself? I could write a blog post examining my motivation for feeling sheepish about admitting my love of Korean dramas and Georgette Heyer’s romances!

Wow, that would be boring. And I don’t particularly feel like being that deep today. And who really cares?

Better not. How about hobbies? What do I do?

Politics. Yes, I could write an inspired blog post on the current political situation.


Thirty seconds of browsing later and I understand the general political apathy besetting our country.

Better not write about the political situation.

I could write about Generation Joshua, Goodreads, or my excitement at studying at Oxford University!

However, by now I’m so tired of trying to think of something deep to say that I’m done with the whole thing and have decided to go watch a drama. I’ll write something tomorrow. Probably.

And that is how the entire month of July went by without a single blog post.


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