Impossible. Difficult. Done.

I ought to have something totally brilliant and profound to say on this day, the morning of my departure. Tomorrow I will be in London! From there only a bus ride away from Oxford. Yet somehow, I have very little to say. I am nervous and excited and anxious to begin my adventure.  I am running around throwing last minute items into my suitcase and wondering if I can really get by with only 3 pairs of jeans. I suppose I can rough it 😉

I am so grateful to everyone who made this day possible. It seemed like an impossible dream two years ago when I first heard of Summit Oxford. An impossible, wonderful dream. And it is really coming true. God has provided abundantly. I am so blessed. Thank you to everyone who has provided financially, offered advice, or kept me in their prayers. Thank you for the encouragement.

Today I leave for England. I will be studying at Oxford University. It is really happening. God took what looked impossible even half a year ago, and made it reality. I don’t ever want to forget that. I don’t want to take this trip, or this opportunity, for granted. Each moment is more precious because it never should have been.

Mom found this picture online and it sums up what this journey over the pond has been like so far…



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