Jet Lag – Oxford Update 2

ImageYou know you are in England when….

Actually, quite a nifty thing, Poundland. It is our equivalent of a dollar store and the place to go on a budget! Jet lag has been rough, and I keep forgetting to do basic things like eat, but Oxford is incredible. I have two fabulous flatmates, Image

Stephanie (in yellow) and Elsha (the one who isn’t Stephanie.) They both attend Master’s College in California. Eventually we will be getting a 4th roommate in our flat, but just when we don’t currently know. Our address is the ever lovely


The rooms in our flat (which is a fancy name for our apartment) initially seem a bit roundabout, with doors leading into living rooms which lead into bedrooms, but overall it is quite comfortable once we figured out how to get the internet working and use hot water. It reminds me a bit of the Bryan College townhouses…only up three flights of stairs.

Oxford the city revolves around Oxford the university, or more precisely, the 38 distinct colleges that exist here. Some of them are quite gorgeous. Their influence is everywhere, even now five weeks before the official term begins. Coat of arms bearing the different schools’ insignia are scattered about random buildings and bridges everywhere in the city, a constant reminder that most of the property at Oxford is owned by the colleges.


There are also a lot of pubs. Everywhere. It is the social thing to do, after all. Pubs is short for public houses. It isn’t exactly like a bar as we picture it in America. I had my first British fish and chips at…


And according to the fellow who helped Elsha and I set up our phones, the best place to go with mates is


Haven’t had a chance to check it out yet.

The WISC/OSAP/Summit building is located in Image(home sweet home!)



Yay! Anyway, I am still jet lagged and unable to form complete, grammatical sentences without hurting my head so I will allow the rest of my experience to speak for itself with a few pictures I took this afternoon…




Image Image(buses!!!)

Image Image(the enigma of Oxford…gorgeous, old buildings on the top, modern shops on the bottom)


Image(hub of shopping)

Image(bottom a store…top a room used by one of the colleges)


Image(Christ’s Church College)

Image(my flat!)

Image(some pictures from the walk we took before supper…this trail is right outside our building)



Image(Secret Garden anyone?)

Image(Mary Poppins step in time!)



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