Eating lots of bread and cheese – Oxford Update 3

Well, I am alive. I have been a rather unfaithful blogger and I apologize. Life just catches up! Our Worldview intensive has been going on for the past week, so by the time I get back to my flat in the evening I am so mentally drained I have barely enough energy to make supper and do my readings. In fact, this really isn’t much of an update. I did think I would answer a few important questions, and then post pictures (You can’t fool me, I know that is why you are reading this)

1. Have I ridden on a double-decker bus yet? Yes! Almost every day to get to Eynsham village. So far the experience has yet to prove dull

2. Have I acquired an English accent yet? No, and here is why I don’t think I want to purposefully do so…American accents are cool. Now, maybe not as cool as an English accent in America, but nevertheless fairly popular. At the very least it is a conversation starter or an excuse for why I have to examine every coin I give to the cashier at the grocery store. Why is the 2 pence so big?

3. Have I had fish and chips? Yes, they were excellent. However, the mushy vegetable substance they were served with needed salt.

4. Have I been to the Eagle and the Child yet? Not yet, on my list of things to do. Some of the students in our program went and said it was a bit of a letdown. Apparently locals rarely go because it has become a tourist trap. However, I will make it a priority to eat there at least once before heading home. And yes, I will take pictures.

Now, for the real fun. Here are some pictures I took around the village of Eynsham. Eynsham is the home of Kevin Bywater and his wonderful family. We meet in the music room of this FABULOUS English house every day from 10 till 6. And we think.  And debate. And think some more. Hence why it is called an intensive.

Oxford Photos 003
(The “courtyard” of the English house…so to speak)

Oxford Photos 006
A bit of the garden

Oxford Photos 007

Oxford Photos 019
Thatch roof!

Oxford Photos 020
All that is connected to one stump

Oxford Photos 022

Oxford Photos 023

Oxford Photos 034

Oxford Photos 035

Oxford Photos 036

Oxford Photos 044

Oxford Photos 049

Oxford Photos 054

Oxford Photos 056

Oxford Photos 060

Oxford Photos 066
Did I mention zombies can frequently be found in the square?

Oxford Photos 081

Oxford Photos 083

Oxford Photos 090
Potentially the only weather-vane of Tolkien’s insignia in the world

Oxford Photos 099

Oxford Photos 103

Oxford Photos 159
Some awesome lunch companions right there

Oxford Photos 165

One response to “Eating lots of bread and cheese – Oxford Update 3

  • Timothy Andrew Metcalf

    I have scrutinized all your photos for a Police Box, but my efforts have proved to be in vain. 😛

    What an adventure! It looks like you’re having such an amazing time. I’d be jealous if I wasn’t too busy being excited for you. 🙂

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