Tony Stark Got It Right: Oxford Update 6

The tutorial system in a nutshell:

Tony Stark

Hello everyone! What have I been up to lately? Well, mainly this:

Book 1

And this:

Book 2

And this…..

Book 3

Just a little bit of reading. I have studied Niccolo Machiavelli’s idealistic republican leanings, Edmund Burke’s vehement dislike of the French revolution, the debate in Spain over Native American property rights in the 1500s, and am currently on the Reformation/English Revolution’s influence on Thomas Hobbes’s writing, particularly of Leviathan. So lots of reading but also lots of writing, which is partially to blame for the lack of recent updates.

My Mom has requested more pictures, but as I am usually cloistered up in my room (ask any of my flatmates) or walking to the New College Library to borrow more books, I have taken any more pictures lately. However, I have discovered the Oxford University meme site on Facebook…. While some of them may not make 100% sense, I hope they give a taste of being an Oxford student! I’ve added some description for clarity (or something thereabouts)

Click on them to make them bigger and hit back on your computer to return to the post. Please enjoy!

Oxford Meme 6

Oxford Meme 2 Truth.

Oxford Meme 5 Tesco is the local grocery store

 Books in the “closed stack” have to be ordered up from the underworld. Like seriously. Can take dayssss. But that is the price for visiting a library with every book published in England since before the United States was founded.

Like any library, this is an extremely echo prone room with a ban on liquid.

 Reference only. Starting to form a love hate relationship with those two words!

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