The Hammy To My Twitchy…

This semester, I got to room with one of my closest friends.


How can I explain our relationship? We baffle most people. We’re Twitchy from Hoodwinked and Hammy from Over the Hedge. Olivia Pope and Huck from Scandal. Belle and Mulan. A Triceratops and a Pterodactyl (okay, that one is a bit of an inside joke).

Together, we either make the greatest superhero team or the most devious super villains the world has ever known. Our daily conversation fluctuates between hiding bodies to the best way to encourage someone with a cup of tea. Rina is one of the most selfless, generous, talented, unusual people I know. Life is anything but boring; I never know what she will do next. Yet sometimes I know exactly what she will do, because we’re those friends. Those roommates. We have a system for drinking tea (we drink a lot of tea), we eat every meal together, and I know her Taco Bell order better than I know my own.  Her siblings are like siblings to me.

She is a mystery wrapped in an enigma and sealed with a secret and if for no other reason, I am glad this semester happened because Rina and I became such good friends. Here is to the conclusion of one difficult, ridiculous, and exhausting semester that was made fantastic by one seriously amazing friend.

Amy and Rina 1

Amy and Rina 2

Amy and Rina 3

Amy and Rina 5

Amy and Rina 8


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