Post 5

Five posts in five days kind of makes me feel like a superhero. My goal is to post something every day for a week, or possibly even a month. I have the attention span of a squirrel so while the past few days have been easy, I’m not really sure how this venture will turn out.

However, I heard on a podcast recently that a great way to continue developing your character is by blogging every day. I don’t believe everything I hear on podcasts, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked it.

Here are a few reasons I’ve decided to try:

  1. To develop perseverance. I tend to flit from interest to interest. I will be utterly absorbed with a subject for about 48 hours, and then it will pass. I can already feel my interest in blogging passing. I don’t think this is bad. It is part of my personality. However, I’m hoping blogging even when I don’t feel like it will make me stronger.
  2. To think more. Actually, I think quite a bit, but a lot of it circles around in my head and gets forgotten. I’m a verbal processor so, in lieu of speaking to people, writing is the second best way to get things out of my head.
  3. To learn more. If I have to say something every day, I am going to run out of ideas quickly enough. So I am hoping blogging every day will urge me to learn about different things or pursue ideas.
  4. To sharpen my writing. Writing book reviews on Goodreads has really sharpened my use of vocabulary and analysis of what I am reading. I’m hoping blogging consistently will have the same effect.

So there you have it. You can consider this something of a disclaimer. There will be days of long, thought out posts and days with only a quote or picture. There will be days I raid Pinterest to bring you my favorite memes. There will be days I post Scripture verses from my devotional. And there will be days I am really, really not interested in posting anything, but I am hoping I can overcome that feeling and press on anyway. I want to become more interesting and interested in everything around me. I’m hoping I can use this blog to do that. It will be messy, but I think it is also going to be fun.



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