Is Seaweed Really Edible? 

Today I woke up with a vague notion about eating healthy and decided to visit the new Health Hut in town. I was the youngest customer in the store by a good 40 years. The clerks stared at me oddly as I walked up and down the aisles, deciding on lunch. 

Fruit leather? Obviously a must for desert. Regular fruit? Ahhh, not at those prices. I am good with non-organic apples. Vegetables? Same story.

Feeling like I should buy something besides a strip of cherry fruit leather, if only to look justified shopping there to the store clerk, I opted for a bag of “snackable kale.”

However, once I was in my van, I realized I had actually grabbed “Snack size, lightly seasoned seaweed.” Odd, but still green. It sat in my passenger seat, a somewhat-not-really tempting snack while I ran errands. Finally opening it I discovered a square of paper thin…green. It tasted more fishy than I was expecting. 

After the first bite, I decided this stuff was going staight in the trash. Second bite, not so bad. Third, I almost enjoyed the texture. It was sitting right by me as I drove. I ate some more. 

Actually, to be completely honest, I ate the whole thing. Two servings worth of dried seaweed. 5 hours later and I am still stuffed. I can’t decide if it was gross or good.

That said, I am ready to not eat seaweed for the next 20 years. 


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