No Coffee :(

It has been roughly a week since I gave up coffee. I didn’t think I would make it this long without it. Actually, I have surprised myself with how little I miss coffee. My substitute, a pot of tea, has enough  caffeine to prevent caffeine headaches and fits (if not prolongs) my morning routine. 

Really, up until today, I felt nothing but upbeat about this experiment. I cut coffee because I noticed that even with only one cup a day, I couldn’t hold my hands steady. They shook. Now they don’t. 

However, today I really, really want coffee. Partially because I am sleepy. I stayed up way too late last night to finish a super addicting book. My tired brain has been trained that when tired, drink coffee. It focuses me. 

The second reason I noticed I want coffee is because today is busy and I am nervous about tonight. It is the first training event in my office and I am in pins and needles that something will go wrong. Coffee is a warm, delicious drink that gives me something to focus on when I am nervous. Of course, it also speeds up my heart rate and probably causes more stress than it prevents…but the familiar, bitter taste is still reassuring. 

I am determined not to drink coffee. It has become a comfort object, like a blanket, and that isn’t great for my health. Physical withdrawal hasn’t been a problem. However, mental withdrawal is really hitting me today!


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