No Coffee :( Part 2

I never realized how much coffee I socially drank until I quit. It seems everywhere I go there is a pot ready. It is the natural thing to reach for a mug. I have avoided Perkins like the plauge because I LOVE the diner-esque feel of their bottomless cup of coffee. I don’t know that I could resist.

I meet people in coffee shops. I offer people coffee when they come by my office. We are a society that seriously runs on coffee. I think it is all that holds some people up.

Is that good or not? I don’t know. It is easy to condemn widespread caffeine consumption but at the same time I think coffee brings people together. It is a safe place. Americans like their coffee.

The mental withdrawals continue with some occasional physical side effects. I have noticed my soda consumption has increased which is going to have to stop. Maybe I will cut that next.

I also drink a LOT more tea. Primarily I subsist on a black hazelnut tea, which is heavy compared to normal tea but not quite coffee flavored, and a pomegranate green tea. The green tea is probably my favorite because the pomegranate makes it sweet. I must admit, though, a week of drinking it and I am getting a little tired of it. We will see how much longer the pomegranate lasts. How come I grow tired of the same tea flavor but not the same coffee flavor?


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