No Coffee :( Part 3

I suppose it has now been two weeks since I had caffeinated coffee. It feels longer. However, I no longer feel worked up about it. I cured myself of the craving almost by accident. We had a pot of non-caffeinated coffee in the house last Sunday and I decided that drinking a cup didn’t break my no-coffee rule since I was trying to kick my caffeine-addiction, not necessarily the “coffee” addiction. I poured myself a mug, took a big swig…and almost spit it out! I don’t know if we use non-caffeinated coffee so irregularly in this house that it went stale (does coffee go stale?) or if drinking black coffee is something you have do consistently to actually appreciate it. All I know is that my coffee-cravings have been vastly reduced because that drink was bleh. 

I have made good on my goal to give up soda but it has only been 4 or 5 days so we will see how long that lasts. I was drinking too much of it for the caffeine. I don’t mind giving up soda because I don’t drink enough of it for it to be an addiction. What is most difficult is simply remembering I gave it up. I will be at the office, reach for something in the fridge, and have to mentally shake myself, ‘Oh wait, no Dr. Pepper for me!’

On a happier note, I have discovered a lovely, new tea. It is called Blueberry-Hibiscus. I have no idea what kind it is since I get it at a cafe in Whitewater. It is a great treat when I go there for meetings.

It has been helpful to give up coffee and soda in tandem with blogging every day. It keeps me consistent and disiplined. I think I will need to explore this idea more when I complete these 30 days of blogging. 


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