Dirt and Plantains

The other day I went to Wal Mart in search of healthy snack food (it is going to be a while before I work up the nerve, or the pocket money, to go back into Health Hut.) I just meant to grab some nuts. However, nuts are expensive and I am easily distracted. As I was staring at the multiple options of dried fruits and vegetables on display, I had a flashback to my last attempt to eat healthy snack food. I got some weird, dried green vegetables and plantain chips for lunch one day. I found both so disappointing I went to McDonald’s instead. 

However, back at Wal Mart, dried, salted plantain chips sounded really good. I grabbed a bag along with some mixed nuts and dried dates. Then I figured, avocados sounded good, and guacamole sounded even better. But what to eat guacamole with? Obviously, the answer was dirt, aka, crispbread. 

Crispbread has a funny record in our house. When my siblings and I were little, my Mom would get crispbread from the store. We’d ask for it and she would say, ‘You don’t want this! It tastes like dirt!’ After a while, we started calling it dirt. In fact, I had to look up the actual name for it while writing this post. 

Thus, over the past few days, I have been snacking on dried fruit, nuts, spicy guacamole, and ‘dirt’. It has been random, but yummy. I declare this ‘weird food’ a win. 


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