What Pinterest Reveals About My Brain


Some of my boards on Pinterest are normal and self-explanatory and have titles like ‘Comical’ or ‘Hunger Games’. This is not my natural inclination. I don’t think in normal, categorical ways. Some girls (like my sisters)  have cutesy, or at least practical, names for their boards.  ‘Nails and Makeup’ ‘Cute Hairstyles’ ‘I Would Wear That!’ ‘Something Yummy’ ‘abode’ ‘words’ ‘crafts’ ‘giggles’….for example. All are pretty self-explanatory. 

I tend to group things more…surreally. Or at least more randomly. For example: ‘Awesome’ ‘Random Moments of Awesome’ and ‘Random Things I Like’ are similarly titled groups with similar pins. Yet all of them are very distinct in my mind. I just don’t know how to verbalize the distinction!

For example, a few from Awesome: 

Mr. Tilney & Miss Catherine Morland:

Cinderella live action and animation movie by Rodrigo Yborra Art:


adventures of George Washington:


From Random Moments of Awesome:




aww yeah history:


And then there is Random Things I Like:

Rapunzel Pirate:


Metabolism Boosting Foods:

Elsa at Christmas:


There are also my ‘For Anna’ ‘For Hope’ and ‘For Bethany’ boards, which are a little easier to explain. I pin things to those boards I think Anna, Hope, or Bethany would enjoy. ‘One Day I Am Going to Use This Meme’ is my favorite board because that is where I store gifs and memes for my Goodreads book reviews. I also have ‘Crafts’ ‘Crafty Patterns’ ‘Good To Know’ ‘Powerful’ ‘Wise Words’ ‘blog’ and ‘Blog Memes’ among other similar, but different, boards.

Now you might be thinking, ‘I DON’T GET IT. WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS POST.’ And that is just the thing! This is what it is like in my brainPinning is a gut instinct. I don’t think ‘Princess’ or ‘Disney’ or anything truly categorical at all. I just emotionally react and stick it on the board based on my subjective, gut-instinct. I suspect this is an ENFP-thing. But at any rate, that is how my brain processes the world. I find it difficult to organize things or read maps or put things in little boxes because my brain is going ‘DISNEY…NO WAIT….MR. TILNEY….FUNNY…FOOD?..HISTORY!…HAPPINESS!’

oh my darling darling boy.. why so adorable and perfect? why???:


Also, I’ve really got to stop writing these posts so late at night. They turn out weird. I hope this one made sense! Until tomorrow! 



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