The Color of a Balloon

“Elijah, I don’t know what to doooooo,” I wailed. “I didn’t want to go with blue and white balloons so I got blue and green. I am afraid they are going to be ugly. Do you think they will be ugly? I’m afraid they will be. I should have gone with blue and red. But I didn’t want it to be awkwardly patriotic. But I should have done it. What was I thinking? I got blue and green. What if they are HIDEOUS together? What am I going to do? BLUE AND GREEN WAS A HORRIBLE IDEA. What do you think? They are going to look horrible together.”

After a few non-committal shrugs, my sensible youngest brother finally replied, “If they don’t look good together, just separate them.”   

Sometimes, a sensible word is all it takes. Immediately, I calmed down. The problem wasn’t insurmountable, it was barely an issue. However, I was so freaked out by a million little details that I couldn’t see a solution. 

Today was very long and full of details; I hate details. I am a big picture person and I don’t really care if the balloons are blue or green or even white. Yet I think I ought to care and I worry that I have made the wrong decision and it becomes a big, insurmountable Issue. 

Thankfully, my family members know when I’m getting lost in the details. I am grateful for them and all the other sensible people in my life. They provide strength, wisdom, and the occasional epiphany for when I lose sight of the event because I am so focused on the colors. 



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