34 Days Later

And like that, 34 days of blogging pass. I can’t believe I have made it so long! Overall, it has been a really fun and rewarding experience. There have been some odd posts…and some good ones. On more occasions than I care to remember, I was tucked into bed and half-asleep before I realized I needed to write something. I guess that sort of explains the odd posts.

This has been fun! It has been challenging but that makes it worth it. Forcing myself to be consistent has made it easier to be consistent in other things, like giving up coffee. It has been fun to write every day. It has been fun to share the books I read and the memes that make me laugh. 

In short, it has been so fun I plan to keep it up! I don’t know how it will go, but writing every day is a good habit to maintain and this extrovert finds it easier to blog every day than journal. My next goal? 100 posts in a row (including these 34 😉 )


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