Live Fearlessly: A Study in the Book of Joshua

Today I have begun working through the bible study devotional Live Fearlessly: A Study in the Book of Joshua by Lenya Heitzig & Penny Rose. It is part of their Fresh Life Biblical Study Series, though this is the first one I have tried by them. I saw it at the Christian bookstore the other day and was immediately attracted to the bright, cheery colors and balance of Scriptural analysis and personal application. It was hard to pick between Joshua, James, Ruth & Esther, Ephesians, the women of Genesis, the parables of Jesus…there were quite a few options. Joshua won because (1) I really like the book of Joshua, (2) I don’t know as much about it as I do James and Ruth & Esther, (3) Joshua always bring a connection to Generation Joshua, and, most of all, (4) Joshua symbolizes leadership to me and I really want to learn more about the leadership of men and women in the Bible. Joshua struck me as a good place to start. 

So here I am. I hope this series will be good. The first lesson provided some interesting tidbits, but I gained more from the notes of my new study Bible. One of the benefits to having this devotional will be getting into the Word more consistently.

I really like the quote this first day’s lesson ended on. From John Bunyan, 

“I would say to my soul, O my soul, this is not the place of despair; this is not the time to despair in. As long as mine eyes can find promise in the Bible…as long as there   is a moment left me of breath or life in this world, so long will I wait or look for mercy, so long will I fight against unbelief and despair.” 



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