Why Is Waking Up So Hard To Do? Part 2

My recent attempts to wake up early have utterly failed. I almost think I sleep more. Despite having the head knowledge about what it takes to successfully readjust my sleep pattern, my early morning brain doesn’t care. Get out of bed? Pssshhhha. There are 20 extra minutes on that alarm clock. 

The most challenging thing isn’t even sleepiness. I’ll wake up early and feel perfectly able to get out of bed. I just don’t see a point in getting up. I don’t mean that in a depressed way. It is more like my alarm goes off at 6 am and I think, ‘why?’ Do I have to be anywhere at this hour? No. Do I need to accomplish anything immediately? No. Will this help me get a better start on the day? Probably. Unfortunately, the probably isn’t enough of an incentive to move. 

I’ve even tried bribing myself with fun things. I’ll read a book up until the climax and go to bed. Or I will promise myself an episode of a favorite TV show. I have even considered pulling out a coloring book the night before as something silly and easy to do first thing while my tea seeps. But it doesn’t work! I know the book-show-tea will be there regardless of the clock showing 6 or 9. I can’t outsmart my brain.

This might be a case where I need to make it a competition…like when I gave up soda for a year. I was tempted many times to quit and get a Coke but I was competing against my brother. Winner had the buy the loser a soda; I was not going to lose. I made it a year! In the end, I don’t think either of us cracked. 

So maybe that is what I need is an accountability partner/competitor. Except then I really would have to get up early…and suddenly I am doubting my resolution is particularly strong after all. 



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