A Coffee Shop Experience

There is jelly on my turkey sandwich. 

I don’t know what to think about it. I’m all for trying new foods, but this is kind of gross. Maybe it is the mushy, white cheese that pushes it over the top. It ruins the texture. Or maybe it is the the weird combination of the sweet jam, faintly bitter cheese, and turkey. My mouth isn’t sure what to do. The bread is good. Toasted and chewy. 

Today I decided to try something new and visit a coffee shop in Waukesha I have heard a lot about. Great idea in theory, but remember, I gave up coffee. It is almost torture seeing all the coffee selections. However, they have really good hot chocolate and I might go fora cup of tea. They have a nice loose leaf collection here. 

The menu is fairly extensive. I picked something at random (to my detriment 😛 ) but I suspect this is the sort of place I will want to come back to. I am starting to understand why my roommate always went to a coffee shop to study. It is kind of nice to be surrounded by people but also isolated. 

The women behind me are taking about politics. I really want to turn around and join them. I like their no-nonsense manner. However…my back is to them so it might be weird to turn around. #Extrovertproblems. 


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