May Reading Challenge Update

While it isn’t uncommon to have multiple one star books in a row, it is rare to have three 5 star books in a row, one right after the other! Yet that exactly what I have read recently. I finished Pictures of Hollis Wood and unPlanned  like I was planning and devoured A Separate Peace by John Knowles in one evening. All were exceptionally good. Of course, I’ll talk more about them in my end of the year summary. 

It is May and I have read 68 new books since January. My goal for the whole year is 116, which I will easily make. I should probably push it back but I’m tempted to leave it where it is. Usually, I set a goal like 200 and then slowly push it down to a reasonable number as the months drag on. This year I was proactive in my low expectations and am delighting in exceeding them (25 books ahead of schedule!) 

Tonight I have started In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, another relic of my to-read list. (To be exact, book 214, marked on November 12, 2010) I have no idea what to expect but a few pages in and I’m loving the writing.

ALSO. Only 3 hours away from finishing Don Quixote! I am going to party so hard when that book is over. 


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