Notebooks and Journals

Today I went to Wal Mart to buy a journal. I do mean a journal, singular. However, I ended up walking out with three! And a binder. And some pens…and deodorant, but that’s a different story. 

I love notebooks. I have boxes of them. I rarely “journal” in the traditional sense, but I do fill pages with story ideas and quotes and dreams and goals and prayers. There is nothing more promising than a blank, lined page. I normally function out of two or three.

However, not all journals are equal. I like spiral notebooks best because you don’t have to worry about the binding breaking half way through. Too small and everything feels cramped and awkward. Too large and it takes forever to fill out a page. Too…middle and it becomes blah. Too thick and you will absolutely never finish filling it out (not that I normally do) and too thin you are constantly afraid you will run out of space.

There are many factors to be considered.  You have to feel inspiration coming from the notebook. The color, cover, and quality are all factors in inspiration. However, that is why I love notebooks and journals. They inspire me. That is also why I ended up getting three today. One would just not do! I look forward to seeing what I will accomplish with these new allies. 


(Oh, P.S., after having this blog for nearly 3 years, I finally made it to 101 posts. Yay me!)


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