7 Years of Goodreads

I was looking at my Goodreads profile and realized I JOINED GOODREADS IN MAY! Which makes May my Goodreads anniversary month. If I had caught/thought about this earlier, I could have made May all book themed and celebratory. Note for next year. 

This month marks 7 years on Goodreads. I’m a little stunned how many years that encompasses! I feel like I just joined. Goodreads is my comfort zone, my favorite form of social media, and a place I can virtually thumb through all my favorite books. It organizes and challenges me. I’ve made new friends on Goodreads and connected in different ways with old ones. I have discovered great books, tracked favorite authors, and waited breathlessly for new releases. 

Perhaps my favorite part of Goodreads is how it has shaped my critical thinking skills. Endless hours spent reading reviews has increased my knowledge and understanding of what makes a good book. It has given me words where previously I had  barely formed ideas. Goodreads reviewers have taught me that no book is sacred and that not everything designed to be taken seriously has to be taken seriously. I have learned to appreciate authors through interactions on there and think more about the effort that goes into a book. 

Three cheers for Goodreads! If you have an account and haven’t already, make sure to friend me

"I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library." ― Jorge Luis Borges:



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