Whatcha Reading…? 5/29/16 Book Update

Not only did I finish all the books I recorded in my May 27th post (except for Eligible, which I gave up on), I’ve started a whole new set! I am not very far into them, so this post might be a tad precipitous, but I have started so many good ones I have decided to share them early. They are:

Lincoln’s Sword by Douglas L. Wilson, Wayfarer by Lili St. Crow, The Mentor Leader by Tony Dungy, Destiny of a Republic by Candice Millard, The War That Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradely, and on audio, Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift. I started reading Raising Dragons by Bryan Davis, but the ridiculous plot and goody-two-shoes hero quickly lost my interest. 

Lincoln’s Sword has been on my to-read list for a while, specifically, since March 8th, 2010. While there are plenty of Lincoln biographies out there already, this one provides the intriguing premise of focusing solely on Lincoln as a writer. The author looks at 9 different passages  (ranging from the famous Gettysburg Address to his less famous Message of July 4th, 1861) and analyzes how the words shaped the vocabulary of a nation. Highly readable and with a unique premise, this book promises to be an engaging read all the way through.

Wayfarer is the sequel/companion book to Nameless. Nameless was intriguing but didn’t live up to its potential. I don’t have high hopes for Wayfarer, a Cinderella retelling, but at the same time, I enjoy the originality of the dystopian setting and hoping the author improves in this story. 

The Mentor Leader is another long time to-read. The name says it all. I am excited to read something by Tony Dungy and I think this book will have good personal and professional application. I’m not far into the book, but it seems like Dungy’s philosophy fits right along with the Market Based Management culture adopted by AFP.

Destiny of a Republic came highly recommended from two people I know. It is a biography about President Arthur and the man who tried to assassinate him. I don’t know much about Arthur and I am looking forward to learning something new! He seems to have been a very remarkable man. 

The War That Saved My Life is another recommendation, this one from my friend Ginnie. When I first read the synopsis, I thought it would be a picture book. However, it is a full 316 pages! This is the story of Ada, a young girl with a twisted foot who has never been outside of her house. However, when her brother is evacuated to the country during WW2, Ada sneaks along with him. This is a chance for a new life…until her abusive Mom tries to get her back. So far a light, yet emotional, read that I am excited to get further into. 

Finally, Gulliver’s Travels. I’ve tried reading this one at least 3 times already. After finishing Robinson Crusoe, I’m inspired to just finish it! 


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