Addendum on Yesterday

On our drive back from Oshkosh yesterday, Anna and I decided we wanted some frozen yogurt. After a few frustrated attempts, we located a “froyo” place on the GPS. The exit was the middle of nowhere. We had hoped to gas up at the same exit, but there wasn’t a gas station, Wal Mart, or McDonalds in sight. In fact, we didn’t see the froyo place either. Being intrepid adventurers, we decided to follow the GPS and keep going. We saw quite a few cornfields before finally locating the busy parking lot of Kelley Country Creamery: “the best ice cream in the middle of nowhere.” 

Not quite froyo, but really good ice cream! 


Icecream 2

Our adventure only got crazier as the drive went on. We ended up gassing up another remote exit where we had a lovely view of a closed down brat stand and a sketchy looking merry-go-round. Someone was singing the national anthem over a loudspeaker nearby and putting on fireworks. 

Got to love middle of nowhere Wisconsin. 


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