Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

Yesterday I finished the recently quite popular book Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari. Ansari is a comedian/actor/probably other stuff and Modern Romance is a surprisingly academic look at how romance has shifted with advent of the internet. In particular, it explores online dating, text etiquette, etc. 

While the book was a fast, fascinating read that I devoured in an evening, I wouldn’t recommend it. Ansari doesn’t present new ideas so much as collect a couple fashionable, pop culture studies that you could glean from the internet. He is often crude and there is a lot of inappropriate language. There were some interesting moments, like how different cultures approach dating, but it wasn’t worth wading through the rest. 

In the end, the book was like reading a celebrity gossip magazine. I recognize the names and faces, but in reality, the world of hookups, dating sites, and the search for a soulmate that he describes are completely outside of my sphere of reference. This may be the world of big city stars, but not, I hope, the reality of your average twenty to thirty somethings. And if it is? Well, being single just looks better and better. 😉 



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