The blessing of an old friend

Tori spoiled me. I got to be totally and completely myself around her. You can’t do that with just anyone.

 The blessing of an old, old friendship full of mutual memories like Tori and I have is that I don’t have to constantly check myself around her. She knows my odd quirks and interests. We became friends initially because our hobbies and interests were unlike those around us. We share the same unusual, Gen J centered teenage experience and have a plethora of mutual friends. She was instrumental in and witness to all the little details that shaped me over the past 10 years. 

Tori has always been a partner in crime with me, willing to participate in every crazy scheme I come up with. She is fun loving and wonderful to be around. I’m so grateful that she visited this past weekend! It was a wonderful time but much too short! Thank you for your visit, Tori, and for being my friend over all these years!! 


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