Splash Splash Love

I finished the most adorable Korean drama yesterday! Despite its weird name, Splash Splash Love, the drama was really well made. It was super funny and romantic. It is also only 2 episodes long! Most k dramas are around 16-20 episodes (and thus 16-20 hours.) Splash Splash Love is roughly 2 hours. It is short but still manages to convey all the emotional depth of a 16 episode show. 

The plot follows a high school senior who is horrible at math. She falls into a puddle and finds herself in the Joseon period where she decides to stay because she is convinced she won’t have to do math there. However, the young king has other ideas…she can teach him math, or be put to death. 

I expected this drama to be super silly…and it was….

But it was also super romantic

Combined with an adorable, satisfying conclusion, Splash Splash Love just went high up on my favorite drama list!

You can watch this drama on Viki!


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