The King’s Speech by Mark Logue

Elijah and I just finished listening to The King’s Speech by Mark Logue and Peter Conradi. Unlike most books with a movie, The King’s Speech was written after the movie came out. The screen writers came to Mark Logue to find out more information about his grandfather, Lionel Logue, and in the process of getting it for them, he was inspired to tell the whole story. In some ways, this adds to the book’s charm. If you enjoyed the movie, you will love the book. (Also, no need to fear f-bomb laced sentences. There isn’t a single vulgar word to be found) 

The King’s Speech is the remarkable story of King George VI and his Australian-born speech therapist, Lionel Logue. Their friendship spanned the future King George’s time as Prince of Wales, the abdication of Edward VIII, and the horrors of World War 2. It is a historically fascinating book and really cool to learn about. 

I highly recommend this one! It is a great audio book and a satisfying story. 


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