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Anna’s Birthday!

Today is my sister’s birthday! She is an amazing, joyful, fantastic little sister and I am so glad to be part of her life! Here is to another great year! 

I tried to take a Saturday off…

“Today was supposed to be my day off….” I tell my volunteer as an explanation for why I am leaving early. “I have worked the past 4 Saturday’s.”

“WHAT!” says my 12 year old volunteer. “THAT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL.”

“What?” I ask. “Me taking a day off, or working 4 Saturdays?” 

“You taking a day off!” he exclaims. “If you weren’t working then I couldn’t volunteer! You can’t take off every 5th Saturday. I wouldn’t have anything to do.”

My job may have long and sometimes weird hours, but it really is worth it for activists like that. I am surrounded by passionate people…of all ages! 

That said, I am thoroughly enjoying my half day and tomorrow is totally off and all about my sister!  


After 4 months of blogging every day, I forgot to blog yesterday! 



The quotable Lady Catherine de Bourgh:

Asking questions is important. | 27 Lessons That Everyone Can Learn From "Psych"

I didn’t mean to. I was exhausted and fell asleep before I realized I hadn’t posted yet. I have *almost* fallen asleep without posting many a time…but this was the first time I’ve actually done it! Gahhhhhh.

Oh well, Day 1. I’ll start again! 

Seven Women: And the Secret of Their Greatness by Eric Metaxas

Elijah and I have been listening to Seven Men: And the Secret of Their Greatness by Eric Metaxas. So far, we have been unimpressed. We don’t really like the guy reading and the bio about George Washington kind of annoyed us. 

Because of this, I was hesitant to pick up Seven Women. In fact, I was kind of regretting my spur-of-the-moment decision to buy it a few weeks ago. What if I hated it? What if it started out as bad as Seven Men

I was packing up my books this morning and decided to give the first chapter or so a try. If I really disliked it, I could banish it to the basement with all the others. However, I was pleasantly surprised! Not only did I enjoy Seven Women, I read it all basically in one go. 

The seven women covered in the book are Joan of Arc, Susanna Wesley, Hannah More, Maria Skobtsova, Corrie ten Boom, Rosa Parks, and Mother Teresa. While all the biographies were interesting, I particularly enjoyed learning about Susanna Wesley, Hannah More, and Maria Skobtsova. I like how different each woman was, yet at the same time how “great” they all were. Susanna was a stay at home mom, Hannah More and Rosa Parks were political activists, and Maria Skobtsova and Mother Teresa were nuns. 

I recommend this book as a great compilation of faithful, Christian women. It was truly encouraging and inspiring. I hope Seven Men turns out to be just as good!

Goodreads Followers

Confession: I was always a little miffed that I didn’t have more followers on Goodreads. With Goodreads, you can either send someone a friend request or just follow their reviews. I have followed TONS of people. It is less intimating than sending a friend request that might be denied, or if you want to stalk someone without actually interacting. I assumed I just had a very friendly profile because I always got friend requests but no followers.
Well, guess what I figured out a few days ago? I apparently had it set in my settings so that people couldn’t follow my profile! The only way to consistently see my reviews was to send me a friend request. I changed that setting, and over the past week I have gotten 3 new followers! Imagine all the potential followers I lost because I didn’t realize I had blocked them. 

I feel very silly and a little bit stupid. May the rest of you learn from my mistake. 

Drama Fever Premium

I have officially joined the Drama Fever Premium world. It was a birthday gift from my sister. She wanted to watch a k drama that was only available on Drama Fever premium…so she got me a membership. I actually don’t mind. It was a very creative gift on her part. The only problem is, I now have access to a ton of good dramas in HD on my TV without any commercial interruptions. Productivity never seemed so far away. 

Spend more quality time with your favorite dramas without pesky commercial interruptions when you join DramaFever Premium!:

This is so me! Watch all of your favorite dramas commercial-free with DramaFever Premium:


When to give up on a book

When is it time to admit defeat and put down a book? I’ve been wondering for a while.

Sometimes, it is easy to know. A really stupid YA book, for instance, with insta-love and a love triangle, is easy to put down. I have no expectation for it to improve, so why wait to find out what happens? 

Classics are possibly the hardest to say no to. I feel like I ought to read a classic even if I hate it; there is a part of me that always expects it to get better. Unfortunately there is always Gone With the Wind to prove me wrong.

Lately, I’ve been trying to decide if I want to finish Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers and The Paradise War by Stephen R. Lawhead. The books are technically unrelated, I just happen to have both of them out from the library right now and I don’t feel inclined to finish either. 

Fallen Angels is the harder of the two to say no to. It is a Sonlight book from a core I never did. There is a lot of language, but it is a pretty highly regarded war book about Vietnam. My brother really enjoyed it when he read it for school. It is kind of classic-ish. However, I’m not enjoying the story. I find it slow and forgettable. I have read other war books and this one doesn’t seem that different. I feel like I ought to read it but I don’t really want to. Do I say no? Or leave it on my to-read list for another day?

With The Paradise Wars, I mostly feel obliged to read it because it has been on my to-read list since 2010. That is 6 years! However, the plot is set in Oxford and it still bores me. I find the main character boring and the whole thing tedious. It is a thick book and while I could push through, I don’t really want to. There are a lot of positive reviews on Goodreads…do I just wait for another day to read it? But I want it off my to-read list. This is kind of a silly dilemma. 

When to say no? When I cease to enjoy a book? If I do that, I feel like I might miss out on some really good books. I’m not sure that these are those books, though. I am not far enough in either to stick them on the nebulous “not going to finish” shelf either. Hmmm.


Today’s quote

I love working with teenage volunteers. You never know what is going to happen next. Sometimes that is a good thing. Other times…less so. 

Today I had 4 teenage boys sitting in the back of my van and they did not want to sit still. My sister Anna, who was riding shotgun, finally turned around and snapped:

“You are not Selena Gomez! You can keep your hands to yourself.” 

If that isn’t the most apropos use of that lyric ever, I don’t know what is. 


Sudoku Withdrawls

I am going through sudoku withdrawls. 

I deleted the app from my phone yesterday because I noticed I was on it all the time. I was playing obsessively, starting and restating games to fall asleep, wake up, or alleviate boredom. To combat this addiction, I decided the best move would be to completely remove it from my phone.

It is a good thing I don’t do drugs or anything, because if I feel this way about something mundane, imagine me on something truly addictive. Actually, don’t. That’s scary. 

It was hard to fall asleep last night and I was actually picturing sudoku boards in my head. This morning I woke up groggy and reached for my phone to play a quick game or two and ‘clear my head.’ See? This is serious. I have a sudoku problem. 

It might be different if I was actually good at it, but I am not. Just stubborn. Here is to hoping I can channel that stubbornness into preventing mysel from redownloading the app!

The Mindy Project

Over the last few weeks I read Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? and Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling. I found both books hilarious and impossible to put down. (They are, however, occasionally crude…so I don’t necessarily recommend reading them.) Because I enjoyed her writing so much, I decided to give her TV show, The Mindy Project, a try. So far, I have watched the first 8 episodes of Season 1.

To be honest, I almost didn’t make it past the first two episodes. They were so dumb. This entire show is like one long, HR nightmare. In fact, if I worked in human resources, I’d be tempted to make everyone in the company watch the show to learn what NOT to do. Those doctors are just begging for a lawsuit. 

However, each episode is only like 20 minutes and it is so easy to just click on the next one…

I’ve actually started  to…to sorta enjoy?…the show. I’m ambivalent to Mindy’s character and tend to dislike the other doctors in her office. I do – cautiously – like the characters of Morgan, the office nurse, and Mindy’s current boyfriend, Josh.  However, when I actually start thinking about the plots of the episodes, I couldn’t tell you what I’m enjoying. It is mindless fluff. I’ve got Season 1 so I will probably finish it, but I can’t imagine myself actively seeking any of the other seasons.