The Facebook Birthday Dilemma

I love birthdays in general and my birthday in particular. It is fun to have a whole day all about you. I especially love all the birthday greetings on Facebook. It reminds me that – even if only for a moment – people thought of me today. I love how the birthday wishes come from people in all directions of life: work friends, college friends, old family friends, family members, neighbors, etc. Some I have met for the first time this year, others have known me for years. I feel so cherished.

However, I also am faced with a dilemma. How do I respond to all these birthday greetings? Do I ‘like’ them all? Reply with ‘thank you’? Leave a personalized message?

I tried the personalized message thing last year and it lasted about 6 people. I had only so much to say! While there were some people I was happy to catch up with, the majority of well wishers were acquaintances of the I-met-you-at-camp-5-years-ago variety.  Eventually I was just writing wordy thank yous. There went that plan. 

Option 2: reply “thank you” to every post. This gets the job done and acknowledges that I saw their greeting. However, it is super generic and boring. If I am honest, I don’t feel it is very necessary and I shrug it off when people respond that way to my posts on their wall. ‘Cause then, how do you acknowledge their thank you? With a like? Ahhhhhhhh

Maybe there is a specific protocol and I just don’t know it. I’ve decided to give up this year and just thank or like or comment on whatever post I felt inclined to thank/like/or comment on. I think it was a pretty good life decision. 

Sooooooo, thank you for the birthday wishes, all!


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