Have I posted about the TV show Leverage before? Nope? Cool. 

We watch a lot of Leverage at this house. Ion Television plays reruns of the show all day on Sundays. The show follows 5 con-men (a mastermind, a grifter, a thief, a hitter, and a hacker) who help victims by taking on individual cases against the wealthy and powerful. 

This is a fun show, and one of the few American ones I will watch for hours. Seriously, Eliot/Parker/Harrison? The best. 

Technically it is a reaction! | Hardison & Parker | Leverage:

Leverage - I'm in love with this entire cast of characters:

Hardison | Leverage:

Leverage. Eliot Spencer, the Hitter.  Hated that he cut his gorgeous hair towards the end of season 5.:

Occasional Randomness: We provide.... Leverage.


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