Late Night Rant about 200 Pound Beauty

I almost forgot to blog tonight! Ahhh! I have a feeling one of these days my streak will be broken by sheer forgetfulness, but tonight will not be that night! 

I just finished watching 200 Pound Beauty, a Korean movie from 2006 about an overweight singer who goes through an extreme makeover and gets full body plastic sugery. The movie follows her transition from a woman who sang from the heart to one who cares only about superficial beauty…until she starts to realize what a horrible person she now is. Blah blah blah.

The movie could have been really good. The k drama Birth of a Beauty follows a similar plot line and is amazing. However, all 200 Pound Beauty does is send a confusing message about inward/outward beauty that it then seems to totally disregard. For a comedy, it wasn’t funny. As a romantic plot, the ending disappoints. The main character cries easily every 5 minutes. The main love interest is kind of a perv. There is very little unique or original in the story, and it often goes from cheesy to downright awful. 

If the description piqued your interest, take the time and watch Birth of a Beauty. As a movie, 200 Pound Beauty is not worth it.


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