DramaFever gets me

Wanna Grab Some Food?  – some kpop stars are coming along too, nbd.

Reads the DramaFever News title in my inbox. I click on it. 

Hi Amy – What’s better than K-pop or food? Try K-pop AND food!

I love getting e-mails from DramaFever. Whoever writes these things is a genius. They always catch my eye and crack me up. Last week it was:

Are You Afraid of Ghosts? – Who you gonna call? Ghost Taec Yeon! 

(I really want to watch Taec Yeon’s new drama…Let’s Fight Ghost.)

Another good title: 

Meet your newest #girlcrush Hwang Jin Yi – Legendary for her beauty, wit, and intelligence, she has got it all.

I tend to avoid historical dramas, but after reading that title, I was willing to give the movie  Hwang Jin Yi a chance.

Two more: 

Caution: Contents are hot – Because these dramas are getting kind of flirty. 


Want To Go To A Whole New World? – There’s no Aladdin, but how’s a magical Joseon?


After reading about the plot, I may decide not to watch these dramas. However, the titles of DramaFever News e-mails are usually striking enough that I’m at least willing to click on them and find out. It is one of the few mass, weekly e-mails I get that I look forward to getting! 


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