Sudoku Withdrawls

I am going through sudoku withdrawls. 

I deleted the app from my phone yesterday because I noticed I was on it all the time. I was playing obsessively, starting and restating games to fall asleep, wake up, or alleviate boredom. To combat this addiction, I decided the best move would be to completely remove it from my phone.

It is a good thing I don’t do drugs or anything, because if I feel this way about something mundane, imagine me on something truly addictive. Actually, don’t. That’s scary. 

It was hard to fall asleep last night and I was actually picturing sudoku boards in my head. This morning I woke up groggy and reached for my phone to play a quick game or two and ‘clear my head.’ See? This is serious. I have a sudoku problem. 

It might be different if I was actually good at it, but I am not. Just stubborn. Here is to hoping I can channel that stubbornness into preventing mysel from redownloading the app!

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