Goodreads Followers

Confession: I was always a little miffed that I didn’t have more followers on Goodreads. With Goodreads, you can either send someone a friend request or just follow their reviews. I have followed TONS of people. It is less intimating than sending a friend request that might be denied, or if you want to stalk someone without actually interacting. I assumed I just had a very friendly profile because I always got friend requests but no followers.
Well, guess what I figured out a few days ago? I apparently had it set in my settings so that people couldn’t follow my profile! The only way to consistently see my reviews was to send me a friend request. I changed that setting, and over the past week I have gotten 3 new followers! Imagine all the potential followers I lost because I didn’t realize I had blocked them. 

I feel very silly and a little bit stupid. May the rest of you learn from my mistake. 


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