Love So Life

Today I finally caught up (and finished) one of my favorite manga, Love So Life. I’ve been reading it on and off over the past year or so as chapters have been published. The author, Kouchi Kaede, finished it a while ago but I didn’t want it to end so I pushed off reading the conclusion. Today, however, I had a little extra time so I gave in and read it. 

Love So Life doesn’t have the most exciting plot in the world…it is about an orphan girl who babysits a set of twins. Over the 100+ chapters, two years pass and during that time the heroine learns about family and love. The whole story is cuteness overload and I love the drawings. I frequently re-read chapters just to savor the scenes more. The story line is simple but extremely sweet and satisfying. I particularly loved the twins…the author clearly has spent quite a bit of time with 2 year olds!

ALSO – I just found the author is writing another manga, Life So Happy, that follows the twins even further so I’m kind of psyched. IT ISN’T OVER! Except it looks like there are only two chapters? Ahhhhhhh


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