Why I listen to audio books…

Yesterday, I was on the road for roughly 5.5 hours. Today, I drove for around 3. Normally, I love road trips and those hours would reflect some really awesome times. And they do! But I wasn’t driving them alone and someone else was in charge of the radio which means…

Pop. Music. Overload. 

I don’t mind pop music, normally. As far as music on the radio goes, it is what I listen to 75% of the time. But 8.5 hours of it? Inanity! 

Now, imagine if I had spent that time listening to an audio book! I might have finished at least a book (Lord of the Flies and Villette are up next on my audio to read list.) I like audio books because they make me think. It is a new world. 

Pop music? Not so new world/thought provoking. 


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