Is it normal to daydream about finishing books? I seem to do it all the time. I don’t even have to have specific books in mind. It is more like, ‘oooh, once I finish this book and that book and that book, my to-read list will be down to 989!’ Or ‘Imagine if I read through that whole stack! My read list would jump and I’d be at…’ 

I love books. I love reading books. I love finishing books. I love reviewing my stats on Goodreads. It is kind of weird. 

Today, however, I am celebrating because I made my 2016 reading goal of 116 new books. It doesn’t surprise me that I made it (my average in a year is like 140) but I am surprised that I got there before September. I almost wish I had made the number higher, but at the time, I didn’t know how busy my year would be. Also, I usually make the number too high and then spend the rest of the year being depressed and playing catch up because I’m 40 books behind my goal. One time, I didn’t make my goal (I tried to read 200 books while taking 19 credit semesters…considering I made it to 173, I don’t think I did too bad) and the neatly categorized 2013 Reading Goal disappeared from my profile…because I didn’t make it! I was rather bummed by that (still am) and concluded it is always better to over-read than under. It is not like I need an incentive to read! 

Anyway, with this sort of head start, who knows where I will end up with my book count this year! Last year I read 162 books and I would like to beat that. Where will I end? I guess you will just have to wait for my awesome, annual end-of-the-year book stats post to find out! 


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