Fitbit time

Well folks, I have officially given in and gotten a fitbit. My parents each have one and it seems to be a source of inspiration for them, so hopefully it will inspire me to be more active. I’m not a very active person. I like curling up with a good book and not moving for hours. I can watch endless k dramas not need to stretch. It is a good thing I have a job that requires me to walk a lot or who knows where I would be. It takes quite a bit to get me started. 

However, I’m hoping using the fitbit will help me channel my obsessive temperament. I didn’t just limit my coffee intake this spring, I gave it up. I can’t just post more regularly on this blog, I feel the need to post every day. I’m hoping that same theory will work with my fitbit. Maybe this will challenge me to constantly be active! Or at least more active than I have been. At any rate, it is worth and try!

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