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My Mom is my Fairy Godmother

Today I found out quite unexpectedly that I was invited to a fancy gala tomorrow night. Even though all I have to do is show up, the prep to get to the part where I show up is incredible. I have to find a dress, shoes, accessories, figure out my hair, etc. This is a black tie event! Lots of details.

I hate details. 

Thankfully, my Mom swooped in and saved the day. She let me try on her dresses, found accessories, and basically suggested or figured out everything else. She pulled me together. I am so grateful to have a Mom like her!! 

I’ll post a few pictures tomorrow. 

Fitbit Inspiration

So as you know by now, I had high hopes that getting a Fitbit would inspire me to be more active. For the most part, it has worked. My natural self-competitiveness has inspired me to at least hit 10,000 steps a day. However, I have found something even more motivating than than beating myself: beating my brother.

Actually, to be honest, he is beating me by a good 7,000 steps this week. He also beat me last week. But I beat him the week before that! It is amazing how much you want to move when a good sibling rivalry is on the line.

I don’t actually know if he knows we are competing…but it is so on. 


As it is Tuesday, I was going to post a Teaser Tuesday. However, I’m not really reading anything right now! 

Actually, it is me, so I have several books started at the moment but I haven’t been focused on any one in particular. The thing is, my friend Kris got me hooked on Webtoons and I’ve been somewhat obsessively reading them over the past week. Webtoons is a free website/app where you can read web comics people have written. The stories and the art work are extremely varied. It is like Christmas! There are new stories to find every day!

My favorites are:
Asleep Beside You
Miss Abbott and the Doctor
Super Secret
Kind of Confidential

Well, I watched the presidential debate…

I’m an optimist but even I am finding it difficult to find anything positive about this current presidential election. The debate was better than I expected but still horrible at the same time. There were no real, articulate arguments made. The beauty and power of the free market was basically ignored. The moderator was practically useless, and when he did ask questions, they frequently were the wrong ones. 

So here is my take away: as depressing as the presidential race is, we need to turn our attention to the local races and find inspiration there. The county, state, and Senate/House races are really going to make a difference. We’ve got to be paying attention. The presidential election is only one battle. There are many more going on around us and those will determine the direction of the war. 

You Know You Live in Wisconsin When…

You can hear every time the Packers get a touchdown because your windows are open and all the neighbors are loudly watching. 

We are celebrating a lot this game.

Go Pack Go!

Sunkist Trail Mix

I have found a new favorite trail mix:

The Sunkist packaging tend to be very bright and I thought it was for children. However, it doesn’t really matter because it was so good! Every time I buy a package of this I end up eating it within a day. My volunteers have also started raiding my purse for the package as a quick snack. The fruits and nuts are a great combination and it is healthy!*


Totally worth trying. 


Lullaby for a Princess

I have had Lullaby for a Princess running through my head for about 4 days straight now. I can’t seem to get enough of this song! The melody and lyrics are so haunting and beautiful. I’m not at all familiar with My Little Pony and I know…it seems like a weird thing to appreciate, but this song is so good. If it helps, just listen to the music without watching the video. It is worth it. 


First Day of Fall!!

I noticed yesterday on my commute and today it is official…FALL IS HERE TO STAY! The cornfields are turning brown and the trees are ever so slowly changing color. I turned off the air conditioning at the office today. Google has got a thingy-ma-bob celebrating the first day of Fall. I almost grabbed a sweater. It is official and isn’t it lovely? 

Summer is actually my favorite season, mainly because my birthday is my favorite holiday and that falls in July. However, the air conditioning in my van went out this summer and it has been miserably hot driving that thing around. I’m so ready for cool temperatures! And even better, this is a Fall that contains an election season. I love election season. I love canvassing in the nippy weather and the camaraderie that comes with a good Get Out To Vote campaign. Sure, I might not love the candidates this year, but candidates come and go. The feeling of warmth that comes from friends and exercise and a little rousing political discussion never does! Bring it on! 

Miraculous Ladybug Nails!

My sister did my nails Miraculous Ladybug style! Aren’t they fabulous? Cataclysm!

Spicy Kimchi Bowls

Why, you ask, are there 3 spicy kimchi bowls stacked on my microwave right now? Good question, even I don’t like spicy kimchi ramen that much. 

However! Wal Mart wouldn’t just sell me one bowl. No, I had the privilege of buying the 4 pack for $3.76. It was that or go with the chicken flavor. 

I went for the 4 pack and that is why I now have such a beautiful addition to my kitchen decore.