Road trip! A real one this time

I am currently in the middle of a 21+ hour road trip from Florida to Wisconsin. There are 8 of us in a 12 passenger van. It is bringing back so many memories…especially of the time 7 of us squashed in a minivan and drove from Minnesota to Virginia for iGovern camp. There were three of us teenage girls stuffed in the back seat. It is almost a wonder we became best friends and not mortal enemies. That was a fun trip. 

However, 12 passenger vans aren’t new to me either! 4 times I made the non-stop trip from Wisconsin to the Louisiana bayous in high school. That is where I learned to sleep in a moving vehicle. 

There was the trip to Colorado in a 12 passenger van with the same minivan friends…and the time I roadtripped with my aunt, brother, and cousin to Canada and out west. There was every long trip to school in Tennessee and the drive back at the end of the semester. 

Road trips are fun. They illustrate a person’s character like little else. You either crazy bond or end up loathing your now former friends. 

With 13+ hours to go, the jury is still out with how this trip will end, but I suspect it will be positive. After all, we have already survived one late night, sleep deprived night! What can one more do?


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