New tea!

Yesterday, I rewarded myself and picked up some loose leaf tea. I’ve gone almost two months without refilling! It is so nice to have options again.

Besides my “usual” (Duchess of Earl for mornings and Peaceful Rest for going to bed) I got 3 new flavors to try: Blueberry, Raspberry Burst, and Turmeric Citrus. 

The Blueberry tea is a Rooibos and smells like a blueberry bagel. It doesn’t have caffeine which will make it a nice alternative to Peaceful Rest. It tastes pretty good too! It still isn’t up to par with the blueberry tea I get at a cafe in Whitewater. I need to figure out where they buy that stuff. 

The Raspberry Burst smells mouth-watering amazing. I had it for breakfast this morning and it tastes wonderful, but in the future I think it needs to seep longer than the recommended 3 minutes. I wonder what it would taste like combined with the Blueberry…? 

The Turmeric Citrus is a bit of a risk. This organic, herbal tea smells lemony and healthy and…herbish. It is either going to be really good or really awful. However, this is the second or third time I’ve been drawn to it so I decided it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. 


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