Is it really only Wednesday? 

Slowly I begin to drift off to sleep when BAM! it hits me. I didn’t post today! 

Thank goodness I have just enough battery life to get a post done. 

I keep forgetting it is Wednesday. Like, I actually titled this post “Just a normal Thursday.” Then it occurred to me that it was a very odd Thursday because everyone in my family was home when I got back from work. But see, it isn’t Thursday.

My days are so off and I don’t know why. I could swear it was Friday already. I felt this way yesterday, too. Maybe Monday just seemed extra long? I am excited for Sunday and the start of Youth Group again but usually my excitement doesn’t mean I lose all sense of space and time! 

So anyway, in case you were confused, Wednesday just ended. Tomorrow is Thursday. (And Sunday is still 4 days away.)


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