Reading Challenge Update

So remember how I met my reading challenge of 116 books in 2016 a month ago? I think I posted about that. If not, I made my reading goal!

Except, I haven’t. My initial elation at completing so early has turned to guilt at how low I set the bar and I’ve decided to up my reading challenge to 150. It is a number I will easily hit but also means I won’t have to look at “You Completed Your Reading Goal!” for the next 5 months. 

Maybe I should make it 160? To go with the whole 2016 theme? That might be a bit more difficult…but hey, the reading challenge is supposed to be a challenge, right? (And anyway, even with a new goal of 160, I’m 16 books ahead of schedule.) 

Okay, change of plans. It is 9/16/2016 and I’m changing my reading goal from 116 to 160 which still leaves me 16 books ahead of schedule. 

Ha! I couldn’t have planned those numbers better if I tried. 


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