Too Many Curls

“Oh, isn’t that…cute.” 

At that moment, I realized something was very, very wrong with my hair.

Across the room from where I was getting my hair done, an older lady turned and stared at me. She smiled brightly. “I haven’t seen ringlets like that in years! Are they coming back into fashion?”
The hairdresser trimming her hair smiled tightly and didn’t say anything for a few, long seconds. “Oh yes,” she finally replied, “but most people prefer the curls…larger.” 

Because I don’t get to dress up very often and because I wasn’t spending much money on other parts of my outfit, I had decided to get my hair professionally done for the gala that evening. I had told the hairdresser that curls didn’t stay in my hair very well; she took it as a personal challenge. 

With a final twirl, she presented me with the mirror. I definitely had curls. More precisely, I had small ringlets framing my face in a hairstyle that might have been cute if I was 6. Or trying out for Little Orphan Annie. 

For a moment, I just stared, unable to articulate actual words about my new look. My hairdresser, however, was delighted with her creation and by the time she had me walking out the door, I had almost (almost) convinced myself it really wasn’t that bad. Yeah, the random guy waiting to get his hair cut gave me a weird look, but what did he know? 

Then I got home.

My Mom took in the new look and simply said, “Your hair.” My sisters just laughed. I was informed I looked like Shirley Temple. To be honest, I really did. 

Thankfully, with help from my entire family, including my Dad, we managed to rescue my coiffer. Braids came out, bobby pins went in, and wallah! I think it turned out quite nice, all things considered!



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