Accumulating Books

I haven’t been reading much lately (haven’t had the time) so I feel like I haven’t been interacting with books at all. You would never guess this, though, if you walked up to my room. There are books everywhere. They are stacked on my dresser and on my bed and piled on the floor between piles of laundry. They need to be organized…again!

The thing is, I JUST ORGANIZED THEM like a month and a half ago! I filled up another container of books and banished it to the basement to await the day when I will have my own place with bookshelves. I also reorganized the trunk of books by my bed and pulled out a handful (or 12) books I wanted to read in the near future. Neat. Organized. Carefully planned…or not. 

It isn’t that I’ve been pulling books out as much as I’ve been accumulating more. I’ve tried to put a stop to my book buying, I really have, but when I see Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain at Half Priced Books you KNOW I have to buy it. I’ve been looking for it there for years! And then I was at the dollar store and I actually found two really interesting looking fantasy novels in the book section. AT THE DOLLAR STORE. No justification needed Then a friend lends me some books…I lend some and get them back…

Before I know it, the books have grown on me again. This used to happen to me at college. I would leave 98% of my books at home and tell myself that when I returned, I would only fill one crate with books. Never happened. Somehow, I managed to accumulate boxes full. It is like breathing. Sometimes, you can’t stop! 

Someday, I am going to have my own place, even if it is just an apartment, and all these wonderful books will get proper homes. I will be able to figure out which ones I’ve read and which ones I haven’t and which ones I’ve bought double of. Doesn’t that sound lovely? I can’t wait to have a proper library someday. 


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