Just call me Mom

Today I took some of my staff and volunteers out for dinner, their ages range between 23 and 12. (Remember, I am also 23.) We stood in line for a while and then ordered. The lady behind the counter beamed at me. 

Her: “Are they your children?”

Me: “No.” 

Her: “Oh! Well they are so well behaved! I’m so impressed, I’m going to give you 10% off your meal.” 

Me: “Ahh…yes….thank you….”

Her: “SO well behaved. Children these days are just not taught to be respectful. I had a 2 year old cuss me out the other day. I certainly wasn’t raised that way. I’m giving you 10% off!” 

I hand her my card to pay and she asks for my ID. I give her my still vertical Driver’s License, issued before I turned 21. Now it is her turn to look mortified. We stand there for a moment in silence. 

Finally, she asks: “Can I get a name for that order?” 

I give her my name and turn away. As I leave, I can hear her turning to her co-worker and exclaiming how well behaved those children were! 

This turned out to be useful later on when everyone got a little too loud and I had to firmly remind them that they had a reputation as “well behaved children” to maintain. I am pretty sure my Mom told me the same thing when I was a kid. At any rate, they straightened up fast. This Mom-thing might come in handy! 


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