An Autobiography by Agatha Christie

Rambling, rambling through the woods, To Grandmother’s house we go…

I’ve been reading Agatha Christie’s Autobiography and I haven’t quite finished it yet so this review might be precipitous, but I just felt the need to share…this woman cannot keep on topic! I’ve been picking the book up and putting it down since early September. One minute Christie is talking about her early childhood memories, the next referring to her grandson, then back to the memories and a favorite nanny, only to go on a rant about modern day child rearing practices, back to her childhood, etc. This book is quite the compilation! It improves dramatically once she leaves her childhood/teenage years and starts recalling her first marriage and World War 1. However, even with this, there is a piecemeal pattern to her memories that make them hard to follow. 

She is so rambling! I really hope this continues to improve. I love her novels; I never expected her autobiography to be so daunting. 


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