Turned Around In Sheboygan 

I was going to find my brother’s apartment without using the GPS. While this was a lofty goal, I reveled in my ability to achieve it. How I would brag when I arrived about getting from one end of Sheboygan to the other without getting lost! Except ten minutes later I realize I was in the middle of nowhere leaving civilization and somewhat lost. So, being a resourceful girl, I pulled out my GPS and put in Culvers, the only landmark by his apartment I ever remember. Turns out there are three Culvers in Sheboygan. I chose the wrong one.

Finally, admitting defeat, I called my brother. He told me to go East. This meant nothing to me. I decided to go right. Turns out that was South. It took about five more minutes for us to figure out my mistake. However, eventually, I arrived safely! The moral of the story is that even when I think I know I’m going, I don’t.

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