Vacation Reads

I decided to do a quick library run on my way home from work on the off chance my holds had come in. A library run, however, is rarely quick and I was soon lured into picking out a few books before getting my holds. I felt quite wise and judicious: a mystery, a classic, a comedy, and novel from a favorite author. These would see me through my trip to TN. 

Then I went to get my holds and found out that they ALL had come in! I went from 4 to 9 items.

Still feeling pretty confident, I went home to find the last two books I had ordered from Amazon had arrived, completing the collection of 5. This puts me up to 14 potential vacation reads. 

But that isn’t it! In case my holds didn’t come in, I previously raided my bookshelf and pulled out 4 other options. I now have 18 books on hand! 

In summary, I think I should skip going to TN and just use my vacation time to read ❤️

Just kidding, I am really excited to see all my college buddies! 


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